Buying A Home


Handing over the keys

Buying a new home is a process and the journey requires perseverance, thought and due diligence. When compared to other costs associated with buying a home, the Home Inspection is often the most reasonable expense and your inspector and the report protects your financial investment and safety the most.

You need thorough yet practical information that educates you without causing alarm. The fact is, “no house is perfect” and most issues are fixable. Understanding defects, their practical implications and costs will give you and your realtor the tools to negotiate in an informed manner.

My promise

My promise as your home inspector is to treat your inspection with the same respect that I would when purchasing my own home. I will use any means within my “tool kit” to look at every aspect of your home and provide an informed report regarding the condition of each component of your home. It takes time to conduct a detailed inspection and to provide a well written and researched report, which is why I do not provide onsite reports or overbook. Most inspection reports are available within 24-48 hours of the inspection.