Pool & Spa


Your oasis At home

The pool is your weekend escape from the responsibilities of the week, a play haven for children and an entertainment space for you and your friends. Its important that the pool area and equipment are safe and working properly. Pool repairs can be expensive and you want to know what to expect while you are negotiating the sale or purchase of a home. Batten To Beam Inspections follows the ASHI Pool Inspection Standards. We offer 2 services, a standard service that visually inspects pools currently in operation and an all year round service, even when covered with ice! Using a specialized camera and lighting technology.


Pool leaks

A leaking pool can be VERY costly! Do not ignore signs of a pool leak. Visual signs like cracks in the pool liner or settled concrete and landscaping near the pool can be indications of potential leaking. The basic pool inspection looks for signs of leaks and makes the appropriate recommendations.



The pool filtration, heating and lighting equipment is exposed to chemicals and the environment, proper operation is important to the quality of your swimming experience. Equipment failures can be expensive and it is important to know the condition of the pool while negotiating.