Wood Destroying Insects & Mold


WDI (Termite)

Termites, Carpenter Ants and other “wood destroying insects” can damage your home slowly and silently, often causing extensive structural damage before you are even aware of them. If caught early termites and other wood destroying insects can be controlled by a licensed pest control company.

A WDI inspection will indicate current/past activity, identify the pest, note any damages and recommend a course of action, including educating you on the clues to be aware of to identify activity between periodic inspections by a licensed pest control company.



A homeowners concerns regarding mold are understandable, these concerns are often complicated by misleading information that can result in unnecessary and expensive testing. The home buyer is further frustrated by the fact that many home inspectors exclude mold as part of their inspections.

The most important thing to know about the presence of mold is that controlling moisture sources is the number one method for preventing mold growth. Your inspector will conduct your home inspection and note any visible signs of mold inside or on the exterior of the home and attempt to locate the source of moisture. This may also include a practical discussion about the implications of mold in the home, including further testing and treatment options. BATTEN TO BEAM INSPECTIONS partners with a local company that can conduct swab testing and air quality testing for your peace of mind.