Well & Septic


Well water

Many suburban homes particularly in the western and northern counties have well water. Some homeowners prefer the taste and “natural” part of owning an onsite well water delivery system. However, well pumps and equipment do not last forever and a thorough inspection of your well delivery system will let know know how it is running and if to expect any repairs in the near future. Testing the water from your well will let you know the quality of your well water and if you should consider any additional treatment equipment to ensure that you and your family have the best quality drinking water.


Water testing

Testing your well water can tell you if you need to treat for hardness or elements like iron that can corrode and stain your fixtures as well as identify harmful things such as bacteria and chemicals. Often time these substances can be removed with the proper filtration and treatment equipment, but there are different types of equipment for issues. The various systems can be costly so if you do not test the well water, you will not know what equipment to install so you do not spend for unnecessary equipment.


Septic Inspection

Many homes with a well and some without will have an onsite septic system. These systems process the sanitary waste from the homes sinks, showers and commodes as there may not be city sewer available or hookup would be cost prohibited. It is important to make sure these systems are operating properly and in some jurisdictions it may be a requirement to have the system inspected. A thorough inspection requires several hours and inspects all areas of the system. In some cases, an additional test called a “hydraulic load” test may be necessary in cases of properties that have been vacant or if there will an increase of the number of family members living in the home. Batten To Beam Inspections partners with a well regarded local Septic System company to do all septic inspections.